Another Man's Cause

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Another Man's Cause

Written by The Levellers, from their excellent 2nd album "Levelling The Land".

Trans. by Jeremy Aston (

This is a great song. Simple to play (like most of the Levellers' stuff),
but is enhanced by adding rhythmic hammer-ons and pull-offs in the latter
stages. Listen to the song and get into it...

A few minor corrections added by Keith Dunnett (
13/10/99, working from the version on Levelling the Land. Jeremy's
transcription is excellent, musically totally accurate, I have just
corrected minor problems with the lyrics, a couple of spelling errors &
added my own playing notes. 

This is an excellent song, and an excellent place to start if you want to
play Levellers stuff. There is a brilliant acoustic version to be found on
One Way of Life CD 2, available from Play this song
gently, with a soft, soulful sound on the verses, breaking out with some
force on the choruses & bridge. You may find it easier to use barre chords
for the bridge, or even for the whole song. 


Am G F G

Am G F G

Verse 1
    Gunshots shattering the peace of night
    It's just another firefight
            F                     G
    For the people of this little town
    But for the dying soldier
    Well he's feeling ten years older
            F                      G
    As he's lying face down on the ground
    All the words that are in his head 
    And all the words his mother said
       F                             G
    As she would put him to bed back home

         C             G           Am
    Your Daddy well he died in the Falklands
    C        G     Am
    Fighting for another man's cause
             C              G             Am
    And your brother he was killed in the last war
             C                  G          Am
    And your mother, well she's lying home alone

    G F G

    Am G F G

Verse Two

    Every day she sees your face 
    On the picture on the fireplace
              F                         G
    With your brother as he was leaving school
    Then the day came five years ago
    You said "Mother, I need to know"
            F                                    G
    And you spoke the words your brother spoke before
    "I've seen the things my Daddy's done
    And I've seen the medals that he's won
          F                               G      G   Am
    And I know this is what he would have wanted for me

    G Am


    F       G             Am  G
    Now she wonders at it all
    F             G               Am                          G
    Just in whose name, did these brave young heroes fall?
        F        G              Am          G
    And how many more are gonna answer that call?
                  F                G        Am               
    They're gonna fight, fight and die in another country's war
            G     F           G                    Am          G
    They're gonna die for a religion they don't believe in at all
            G     F        G                 Am            
    They're gonna die in a place they should never have been at all
    Oh, never have been at all


Lose yourself in the crescendo bit

    C G Am Am (Repeat six times)

    CHORUS ad lib to fade

This document was done by Jeremy Aston. Any corrections, enhancements are
always appreciated.

Very few needed. Excellent transcription - enjoy! - KD