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Recent updates:
01-APR-2020 Added Alone in this Darkness, Aspects of Spirit, England my Home (WTC version), Raft of the Medusa, Traveller, We the Collective (album). Added alternate tuning to Dirty Davey. Added lyrics to Our New Day.
31-MAR-2017 Added Gold and Silver, Make You Happy and Prisoner (thanks Leigh!).
10-JAN-2017 Added After the Hurricane, Survivors, The Last Days of Winter, Truth Is and We Are Gunmen.
14-OCT-2016 Added Our New Day, The Recruiting Sergeant, The Shame, intro added to The Fear.
22-MAY-2016 Added A Chorus Line, A Life Less Ordinary, Wayward Wind.
16-MAY-2016 Added This Garden, Warning.
10-MAY-2016 Added Three Friends.
Added Wake the World, updated Pretty Target, updated song count.
Updated album and song list, updated song count.
Updated Where the Hell Are We Going to Live.
Added Edge of the World.
Added ad for Bowood House gig to front page.
Acknowledged Paul Wright for Where The Hell Are We Going To Live.
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