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Lev's And Related Links

Levellers Official Page -
Loads of merchandise, news, info and tour dates. Go now!

A Polish Levellers site

Lars Levellers Page
Levellers' site in Sweden including lyrics to (almost) every song.

One Way
Another good fan site with bios, lyrics, and loads of photos.

Levellers Home Page (
A US site containing some good background info on the original Levellers.

True Blue - The Unofficial Rev Hammer Site
Lyrics, discography, jokes and more from your favourite Levs collaborator! - Where Levellers fans meet...
New Levs site with a superb mp3 collection!
A message forum for Lev fans.
The official German fanclub website of On The Fiddle (in German).
Contains footage with interviews of the recent levellers tour in the US
Levellers (as in the historical group - not the band!) Day and more.

Alex's Levellers Site
A fan site from the UK.

Positive Evolution
Levellers-inspired tattoos run by Levellers fan Sam.

Tab Links


AZ Chords
Includes some Levs bass tabs.


Bass Tabs Dot Net

Miscellaneous Links

The real news.