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Written by The Levellers, from "Green Blade Rising".

Tabbed by Vincent Jones.  Added 01-MAY-2003

Capo 3

   Em7   F         G    Am       C     D

Em7        F        G       Am
Time after time you fail to agree
          C           D
About the things to believe in
    Em7             F
The thoughts of the ancients
G             Am
Just couldn't be
        C          D          A
Without changes in rhythm and time

If you put all the prophets
Mystics and saints
In one room together
There'd be so much more reason
Than ever was born
Out of all of the conflicts of time

Well I wouldn't mind
But you fail to agree
About the things that you're doing
The thoughts of the ancients
Just couldn't be
Without changes in context and time

Fmaj7   G6         Fmaj7   G6
Anybody out there
Fmaj7   G6         Fmaj7   G6
Anybody out there
Fmaj7   G6
Anybody out there
         Fmaj7    G6         Fmaj7        G6  
Going to hear the sound of a dispossessed voice

Cmin  Eb    Ab      F
Lend them your voice

Em              F       G            Am
Fools and their leaders they have no doubts
    Em               F     
The truth is they're believers
G                 Am
They'll stand and shout
       Em            F
In the courts of the deceivers
          G          Am
Let there be no more doubt
       C            D           A
In the name of your justice and time

Fmaj7: 133210
G6:    320030