Captains' Courageous

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Captains' Courageous

Written by The Levellers "Mouth to Mouth".

Tabbed by Leigh (  Added 01-JUN-2003.

 Am  G

 Am                     G      Am
 Kick these sheets and get out of bed
 G Am G Am 
 Good morning deja-vu
 Am                               G Am
 Is this the best thing in my head
 G Am G        Am G
 Good morning now what to do
 F                     G
 Look at my day what's my first appointment
 Am G           F G
 Lunch in heaven what a disapointment

 Am             G       Em
 I could run away with captains' courageous
 Am                G              F
 I could live on fruit in Montego bay
 Am               G      Em
 I could run a bar in a war-torn front line
 Am                 G              F         Am
 I could do it all but just not today.

 G, Am (x7)

VERSE II: (Same chords as first verse)>
 Good morning T.V. now what's been said
 Around the world while I'm in bed
 Oh nothing's changed 'cause we're still being fed
 On white lies, on stale white bread
 Look at my day what's the next appointment
 Dinner in hell, what a disappointment.


 Am                     G Am
 The latest soap show misery
 G      Am   G  Am  G
 Four hours ev'ry day
 Am                                 G Am
 I live for them and they live for me
 G  Am  G  Am
 For hours and hours ev'ry day

 F, G, Am, G, F, G, F, G, Am, G, F, G


Extra words at end are: (Same chords as first part)
I could free my mind become a rich man's guru
I could take a time just to feed the world
I could drink all day until I find all the answers
I could do it all but just not to day.

End on Am