The Disagreement of the People

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Ain't But The One Way
- Julian Cope
- Chumbawamba
The Guilford Four
- Andy White
Won't Get Fooled Again
- Ian McNabb
The Birmingham Six
- The Pogues
All Our Trades
- June Tabor
How Can You Keep On Moving
- Rory McLeod
Electro Rays Mix
- Back To The Planet
- Reservoir Frogs
Electro Rays Mix
- Back To The Planet
Song To The Man of England
- New Model Army & Joolz
One Green Hill
- Oysterband
- Detrimental
Clay Jug
- Jakie Leven with Mike Scott & Robert Bly
- Poisongirls
Pastor Niemoler's Lament (Never Again)
- Back To The Planet
Come Dancing
- Credit To The Nation
This Land Is Your Land
- Billy Bragg and Heathers All