English Civil War

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English Civil War

Written by Joe Strummer/Mick Jones adapted from a traditional song 
released by The Clash on the "Give 'Em Enough Rope" album (thanks 
to Stephen Turner for that info).

Appears on the Levellers' "Julie EP".

Transcribed by Lewis Fogerty (lewis.fogerty@talk21.com), added 3/2/00.

(Fiddle and Harmonica arranged for guitar)
    Am		  G			Am		    Em
  C	    G		F	  C	    Am  G	F   Em  Am                                                                           

       Am                                G                                       
When Johnny comes marching home again hurrah tallah
	Am					Em
He's coming by bus or underground hurrah tallah
  C			 G
A woman's eye will shed a tear
   F			 C
To see his face so beaten in fear
            Am      G		        F	          Em           Am
It's just around the corner in the English Civil War

Am						    G
Still at the stage of clubs and fists hurrah tallah
	    Am					     Em
When your well known face got beaten to bits hurrah tallah
	   C				G
And your face was blue in the light of the screen
	F				  C
We're watching the speech of an animals scream
    Am  G	  F Em     Am
The new party army was marching over our heads


Am				 G
They are I told you so hurrah hurrah
            Am				Em
Says everybody that we know hurrah tallah
    C			    G
But who hid the radio under the stairs
    F				   C
And who got caught on it's unawares
    Am  G	  F Em	Am
The new party army came marching out the stairs

     Am					    G
When Johnny comes marching home again hurrah tallah
    Am						   Em
Nobody understands this could happen again hurrah tallah
    C				   G
The sun is shining and the kid's shouting loud
	 F						C
You've got to know it's shining through a crack in the cloud
    Am	G	  F   Em
The shadows keep on falling
'Cause Johnny's marching home


C		     G  F  C
All the girls go oh oh oh oh
     Am	 G	  F	   Em
Just get his coffin ready 'Cause
Johnny's coming home

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