Miles Away

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Miles Away

From the "Hope Street" single.

Transcribed by Keith Dunnett

This is a fuckin' excellent song - I don't know why I hadn't found it

Gsus4  G  Gsus4 G  (suss the picking for yourself - it's not hard)

Gsus4				       G
Do you ever think that we might be the same?
Gsus4					    G
Or do you see the world in such a different way?
       C                       C
It seems like parties, raves and lazy summer days
          G       Gsus4       G
Are now a crime.
       Am     C                   C
And if you're old or young, just want to have a little fun
     G	Gsus4	G
Then you're out of line.

   Em			       D
So tell me once again the real cause of all this pain
        Am                                C		    D
Weren't you once young before? Didn't you try to change the score?
     Em                      D
Oh I can't believe it was so many years ago
          Am			     C            D
You've forgotten how it feels to run naked in the field
     C             G
Oh I hope it's not so.

Gsus4 G Gsus4 G Gsus4 G Am G

[repeat above chords]

Well I'd always hoped this place might stay the same
But you've reached the point of no return again
Another age old face is being burnt and raped
For a motorway.
Well its the price you say that we all have to pay
For a minute's sake.

Well I just can't believe it's really worth the bloody grief
With the money that you save you're just taking life away
With the blood that you steal from all these people that you fear
You're using it to pay for the fuck-ups that you made
Oh I know that it's so.