P.C. Keen

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PC Keen

Written by The Levellers.  Appears on the "Zeitgeist" album and also on the
acoustic CD from the "One Way/Best Of" collection.

Transcribed by Keith Dunnett keithdunnett@yahoo.com 16/10/99

Em     D         x 4

Em              D
There's nothing new 
   Em        D		Em   D  x 2
In this sad story
    Em           D
The slaughter of innocence 
Em      D      Em    D  x 2
Without glory
       Em           D
At the foot of your hill
Em     D Em     D      Em     D
Without warning
    Em            D
The centre of operations
       Em           D      Em    D x 2
They attack in the morning

Repeat above chords

Now you can lie
Like a lamb before them
You can dance in the dawn
You can even ignore them
But with your skin on file
There's no escape
P.C. Keen's got the snap shots
And he knows your face

And the press will declare
                     Em    D    Em    D
You're all mad and insane
And you'll be accused 
                   Em     D    Em    D
Of not playing the game

You'll stand in the courtroom
And declare your bravery
For fighting all this
That brings us all slavery
But they won't even see you
They won't even hear you
Because you are the truth
So nothing can save you

        D                               Em
And the southern intelligence unit will say:
'Thanks to you P.C. Keen
You've saved the day'