The Player

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The Player

Written by The Levellers.   Appears on the 1993 album "Levellers".

Transcribed by Keith Dunnett ( 16/5/99.

      C		  G
There isn't much to gain 
   C		         G
By living it all the same way 
    C			   G
The years just slip away 
	   C			  G
And it's too late then to play 
	 C		      G
If you live from day to day 
	  C			   G
You can play the game your own way
	    C			    G 
There's a million things to say 
C		 G		C		G		C   
In a million places 

For her it stays the same 
Though a million towers have tumbled 
And you can hear her pain 
Voiced in a distant rumble 
And when it starts to rain 
All your monoliths will crumble 
It's always been the same 
But you feel a little humble 

	She came up to me, she said: 
	'Wanna know a mystery? 
	There's a whole wide world for you to see 
	You're just a player in the game' 

Well I've nothing left to say 
Except take the time to ramble 
In a million different ways 
There's a million paths to travel 
And when there's something in the way 
Take your time please remember 
There's hope yet in the rain 
And a voice in distant thunder