Punch Drunk

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Punch Drunk

Written by Rev Hammer, from his "Industrial Sound And Magic" LP.  
Also appears on the "Too Drunk In Public" CD.

Lyrics from the Rev Hammer Page (with some mods of my own, they may be 
wrong).  Chords transcribed by Alan Bigham, 11/2/00.

I believe the A* is a normal A (x02220) followed by a slide up to xx555x.  
It's played between the verses and chorus too.  You probably need to hear 
the song before trying to decipher my attempt.

A* x8

A*   (repeat)
 Punchdrunk stood in the middle of the ring

 The referee stood 'tween Murphy and him

 They hadn't rung that bell when the head went in

 Punchdrunk staggered with blood on his chin

     F#m                          A* (x2)
 But I, I ain't here to raise the lid,
F#m                           A
 For on Whitechapel Road they say:
                 E              A*
 That's just the way you earn a quid. 

 He saw red as he saw blood
 He caught Murphy, right hand thud
 Crushed his skull and broke his guts
 Stamped his head and took his cut


 Punchdrunk came from old East Ham
 Where he earned his living best he can
 Never had no school just an old tin can
 Knew pretty young he'd have to use his hands


 And you knew it was true-chew-chew my love
 Alright and he had been a thief, then a lag, then broke
 With eyes the colour of London smoke
 Many called him "Sir" when they spoke
 But nobody knew the antidote

Chorus chords

 Now, Murphy mended and he made that call
 And spoke to Punchdrunk in his hall
 He said, "Thanks for the fight, fella, thanks for the brawl" 
 Punchdrunk thanked for the butt and thanked him for the call

 But I, I ain't here to raise the lid
 For on Whitechapel Road they say:
 That's just the way, indeed it is
 That's just the way
 That's just the way to earn a quid