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The addition of the "scroller" to the website allows you to play along to a tab or chord page without having to move it on in the browser manually.

This function requires a browser which supports frames and javascript. For some reason Netscrape doest work with it but IE and Opera are both okay. If anyone has any ideas about why Netscape refuses to work, please let me know.

Unfortunately, this is not suitable for all the chords and tabs on this website as some of them may only have a tab or the chords noted at the top of the page and will therefore scroll off the top.

Another problem is with the pages that have two or more transcriptions on them since, at the present time, the scroller only works from the top of the page. If anyone wants to sort this out please feel free to mail me!.

The buttons are fairly self-explanatory:

- This starts the sroller from thr top of the page or re-starts it after being paused.
- This pauses the page.
- This stops the page and resets the scroller so that the next time it will start from the top of the page.

- These are the speed controls, 1 is the slowest, 5 is the fastest and 3 is the default.