Shadow on the Sun

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Shadow on the Sun

Written by The Levellers.  This version transcribed from One Way 
of Life album CD01.

Transcribed by K. M. Dunnett 24-May-2000 (

Playing notes:

You will have to strum this pretty well to get a decent sound from an 
acoustic; electric this should be easy. Put a capo on 3rd fret if to 
be in same key as the recording (or where you like to suit your voice).

           Bm                D
We've been singing since the morning,
         Em             G
'til the setting of the sun,
           Bm            D
We sing of everything forever,
                  Em           G
'cause we've been going for so long.
            Am           Em   Am
We sing the heart of the cold song,
C                         D    Em
Ever since we started the only one.
         Bm                  D
It's got words that bring us heaven,
         Em                 G
It's got words that give us hell,
         Bm                     D
It's got tunes that shine like diamonds,
    Em               C
And vicious notes as well,
         Am      Em   Em
It's the feel of warm rain,
C                         D      Em
The song of forever the unbroken chain,

Em                      Am  
There's a shadow on the sun,
That used to shine so brightly,
For some it all goes wrong,
Who refuse to step lightly,
There's a break in the clouds,
Let the cold sun on me,
Like the new born doubt,
That nothing's ever gonna be free.

It tells the sentiment of growing,
And a tale of lonely death,
It says everything worth knowing,
'Til you draw another breath.
Hear the clouds ring on,
The song of forever the only one,


       D                    D
And it gets me like nothing gets me,
        C                    D
Then it throws me right back down.
   D                D
It holds me then it chokes me,
      C              D
As it lays me on the ground.

Some will write a new line,
then some will pass in on,
Some just sing the same verse,
But most will get it wrong,
Play the heart of a cold song,
Ever since we started the only one.


That's the heart of a cold song,
We sing the heart of the cold song,
Thats the heart of all songs,
Thats the heart of a cold song.