Sticks And Stones

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Sticks And Stones

From the acoustic CD "Subway Songs".  Available from the Levellers Official
website (see links).

Chords & chorus transcribed by Lewis Fogerty (  Lyrics transcribed 
by Alan Bigham and Lewis.

VERSE I: (Same chords throughout)
         C      Dsus2     Em                    C     Dsus2   Em
Well you ask me how I can read and write when I never went to school
My father was a travelling man, and he was nobody's fool
My mother made the clothes he wore, and my sister read to me
I learned to live in instinctively, outside your party rule

C  Dsus2  Em   x2

You used to make me out to be some kind of psycho on the loose
So you could send your soldiers down on me, awaiting your hangman's noose
If you'd start to talk to me then I think you'd understand
That your power games don't interest me: I know you'll never realise

CHORUS:         C*                     Dsus4, Dsus2
                And it seems to me that you're scared of me,

                                  G                 C        	  D
                'Cause with your sticks and stones will break my bones,

                  C               Em7                  C
                I Guess I see the world in a different way,

C  Dsus2  Em   x4

Well the sitting ducks are in the red zone.  They'll never be the same
The facts of life are not enough to keep the white dogs running free
The crack-down starts: the law descends, the nightmare starts again
Though they're tightening up the security net there's always some who get away


C  Dsus2  Em   x4

And he travelled towns of many places, like each one was his own
He doesn't care for what you raise, it's 'cause we're all born to the road
And he doesn't want your sympathy, he doesn't need your hate
He just wants you to leave in peace, to live his life his way


I guess I see the world in a different way