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Trouble                                                                  Go to Lewis's version

Taken from 'Subway Songs', the 1999 Levellers Fan club release, which is
a collection of previously unreleased acoustic solo stuff.

Transcribed 10/10/99 by Keith Dunnett, (

It is probably worth quoting Jon's notes on the album sleeve.

"Recorded at Metway in Jan '99. Hopefully Mr. Chadwick will finish the
lyrics soon. This may well be recorded by the band in the near future."
Watch this space for the updated transcription if it is! 

Listening to the CD, this song appears to be in B flat. (although I
wouldn't claim to be sure.) However, by the sound of the recording I do
not think that he is playing in B flat. Most likely option, IMO, is capo
on the 3rd fret, playing in G (I think), so this is how I've transcribed
the song. It certainly sounds right. Throw in hammer-ons & pull-offs on
the 4th / 5th  strings, 2nd fret, where appropriate.

C        Em x 4

C          Em                 G     Am
It was the early hours of the day before
    C        G         C       G
His vision's gone, and so much more
       Em               F            C             G
From inside him - he's red-eyed and blinded on confusion

repeat above chords

On the news that day he heard somebody say
'What's troubling us all, it won't go away
'Till they find him, and televise his execution

He's having too much fun and he's been gone too long,
Been taken from the purse, and so much worse
What's inside him - threatens every institution

All verses repeated with minor changes to lyrics

Threatens every institution.

Trouble Go to Keith's version ======= From the OTF CD "Subway Songs". Transcribed by Lewis Fogerty ( The other version I've seen definately wasn't correct. I managed to work it out although some of the chords may be slightly wrong. It's easiest if you play it with a capo on the first fret so HERE ARE THE CHORDS WITH THE CAPO. INTRO: A5, F#m5, (Repeat) VERSE: F#m, A, E, Bm, F#m, E, F#m, A, F#m, G, F#m, A, END ON Bm CHORDS WITHOUT CAPO fr 1: A5 Bb5- X133XX F#m5 Gm5- 355XXX F#m Gm- 355333 A Bb- X13331 E F- 133211 Bm Cm- X35543 G G#- 466544 Corrections/Comments/Suggestions/Tab: