The Likes Of You And I

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The Likes Of You And I

Written by The Levellers, from the 1993 album "Levellers".

Transcribed by K. M. Dunnett ( 16/05/99.

Am  G  D  D (repeat)

Verse I:
        Am           G                  D
Did you ever stop to think from time to time
Am        G                  D
About the way the worlds been left behind
Am           G               D
In another place in another time?
          Am               G		
We could maybe change the way we think
Take the blinkers from our eyes

Am G D D x 2 (8 bars total)

Verse II:
Do you think that she was maybe not alone?
Do you think there's someone out there?
Do you think that they might know?
And if they don't, do you think they should be told?
'Cos she's living in a nightmare, running out of her control

	Take the rope
                   G                 D
	Take the blindfold from your eyes
	Take the rope from around your neck
                       G                 D
	And take the blindfold from your eyes
	And you'll never be surprised
	When they tell you that they love you
                                       Am   G   D   D   Am   G    D   D
	While they're eating you alive

Verse III:
Do you think you have the strength to carry on
Has the black cat got you tongue?
Don't worry now the world will be alright
Cos the land has been here longer 
Than the likes of you and I